Testimonial 8

During the course it became clear to me that I had picked up a few bad habits over the years in my interviewing techniques. This course provided me with the opportunity to look at my current interviewing techniques, identify what I was doing wrong and provided me with the tools to rectify these faults and enhance my existing skills. All in all, I gained valuable information and insight when interviewing witnesses and POI’s.

- FT, Investigator

Testimonial 7

The training created a whole new approach as to how to conduct an interview with a considered and structured approach. A great team of approachable and fun people who could give examples to clarify certain questions. It has changed the way I will be conducting interviews in the future. The peace model is easy to follow and with some more practice will make our interviews a better experience for all parties involved.

- EP, Statutory Authority Informant

Testimonial 6

Just a note to express my sincere thanks for your efforts last week. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but more importantly, I have taken away much valuable information, particularly in relation to interviewing. Although my initial training in this art, probably labels me as 'old school', I've never considered myself inflexible if I think it's a better way of doing things and there is no doubt in my mind that this system of interviewing which you both so ably explained, is a distinct improvement. Although very different in styles, you are both extremely talented teachers. The chemistry is good between you, resulting in a very entertaining double-act!!

- DOT, State Government Investigations Officer

Testimonial 5

The role play with the leaders of the course (Ray and John) was extremely helpful and insightful. Most other courses of this type, the "angry" customer is played by one of the staff members, and it is not normally to the level that this course was able to accomplish. Very well run course and a great insight into different scenarios that could affect us.

- VR, Team Leader

Testimonial 4

Thanks to the presenters and the group in general for what was for me a great week of learning, laughing and lubrication. Your knowledge was valuable and inspiring and we all had some fun along the way. I thought it was spot on for me although my interviews are quite different but will no doubt improve out of sight after this week.

- CT, Private Investigator

Testimonial 3

A great job by Wayne and Ray! They were engaging, utilized guest speakers and presented the key principles in a clear and process driven manner.The course provided practical knowledge that was effectively broken down into a clear process that can be put into practice in the work place immediately.

- FV, Government Investigator

Testimonial 2

A good mix of theory and practical exercises with the odd case study and role play thrown in. This was good as it kept reinforcing the elements of the PEACE model. Practical exercises were very good and pointing out where you went right and wrong and how to better deal with certain scenarios.

- AP, Government Investigator

Testimonial 1

This course is fantastic in the sense that you hope you never have to use it, however it is great for all leaders and up and coming leaders to be made aware of these procedures as we move forward with the times and we are exposed to more and more to this. It was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

- VR, Customer Service Manager